Chiveus, a Jakarta-based board game publisher practically a new player in the board game industry. Chiveus presence with the slogan " Gaming for good " adds color in this industry. As of now Chiveus has produced a total of 5 different titles. Also, 2018 will be the first time Chiveus joins Essen Spiel introducing 3 new games to the industry.

Boardgame yang diterbitkan

Kancil  [2018]

Kancil is a hidden role game for 3-6 players that revolves around the art of negotiation between a farmer and the merchants involved. Players take turns as the farmer with a simple task: Sell their handgrown cucumbers to the merchants and make an hon...

Jalan-Jalan  [2018]

A group of close friends one day decided it's a mighty great idea to go on a long trip together, venturing across the country and discovering all the wonderful things people have been talking about all these years! Don't we all deserve a memorable va...

Unmask!  [2018]

Unmask! is a simple colorful, set collection, hidden role, press your luck game in which your goal is to collect the most victory points. You gain points by expanding your card collection through your "investigations".

Set in the Victorian E...