2-6 Orang
Jumlah pemain
30-45 Menit
Durasi bermain
14+ Tahun
Usia pemain
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  • Perancang:  -
  • Ilustrator:  -
  • Penerbit:  Chiveus
  • Tahun Rilis: 2018
Unmask! is a simple colorful, set collection, hidden role, press your luck game in which your goal is to collect the most victory points. You gain points by expanding your card collection through your "investigations".

Set in the Victorian Era, you take the role of one of the detectives whose job is to find the culprit behind a heist of the noble treasure by gathering information from the witnesses attending the grand event while the villain is lurking about trying to block all your efforts. In this small card game, you will be given the chance to unmask each other in order to nullify an opponent's special bonus through careful deduction before the game ends.

—description from the publisher

Source: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/
  • Tipe
  • Kategori
    Card Game
    Party Game
  • Mekanisme
    Press Your Luck
    Set Collection
    Take That
  • Family
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