Saboteur: Map Swap

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Saboteur: Map Swap is a single card expansion for Saboteur distributed during the 2017 Saboteur World Championship. If the basic game is used, the promo card replaces one copy of the „Map Card“ type.

The card is played from the hand of one of the players, just like any other action card. The player playing this card can swap two different goal cards – without looking at them.

The procedure is as follows (after the player played the card):

1. Player chooses two face-down lying goal cards (without looking at them)
2. (S)he shuffles those two cards face-down -> if the player is actually swapping them is up to the player
3. The player puts back those cards, swapped or unswapped

Source: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/
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    Card Game
    Party Game
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    Hand Management
    Route/Network Building
    Take That
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