North Star Games

North Star Games

North Star Games designs games that both gamers and non-gamers can enjoy together over the holidays. Their goal is to create games that are simple enough for non-gamers, have enough strategy for gamers, and generate a liberal amount of laughter and cheering.


Wits & Wagers is the most award-winning party game in history. It's trivia for people who don't know stuff... Some of the awards include:

2007 Best Party Game - BoardGameGeek Golden Geek
2007 Party Game of the Year - Games Magazine
2006 Mensa Mind Games - Mensa Select
2006 Game of the Year - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Best Trivia Game of All-Time -

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Wits & Wagers Family is a streamlined version of Wits & Wagers with questions that every 6 year old can understand. This is one of the best cross generational games on the market where the kids, parents, and grandparents can all enjoy the same game (as opposed to something like Candyland where the adults are bored out of their minds).

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Say Anything is a true party game designed to get people talking and laughing as quickly as possible. It is a mix between Wits & Wagers and Apples to Apples. Some of it's 18 awards include:

2009 Party Game of the Year - Origins Award
2008 Best Party Game - BoardGameGeek Award
2008 Game of the Year - Spiel des Josh
2008 13th Best Game of All Time - The Dice Tower: starring Tom Vasel
Funnest Game of 2008 - Major Fun

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The following is a dramatization of a common place event that finally led to the founding of North Star Games: -

Relative: "You like to play games! Why don't you bring a game for us play on when we're all together."
Gamer: "Ok. I know several fun gateway games that you're sure to love!"

--- Over the holidays... ---

Relative: "Wow, there are a lot of pieces. Does this take long?"
Gamer: "No, it should only take about 90 minutes."

--- 3 minutes later... ---

Relative: "Are we done yet? I'm starting to forget some of the rules."
Gamer: "No, we're not even half way through."
Other relative: "This is a little complicated. Anyhow, someone should probably help Grandma with the dishes."
Gamer: "Ok, but this is a really fun game. You'll be begging to play later..."

--- 2 minutes later... ---

Relative: "Ok, I think I'm starting to understand. So do we roll dice to move along the roads?"
Gamer: "Kind of... Well here, let me explain a little more..."

--- 1 minute later... ---

Other Relative: [pokes head in from kitchen] "You know what! We should play Trivia Pursuit!"
Relative: "Yes! We could divide into teams again like last year. Do you remember how much fun we had?"
Another relative: "That was funny when Dad missed that easy question about Britney Spears. I can't believe he thought it was Barbara Streisand! Do you guys want me to get the game?"
Relative: "I don't know. Maybe we should try this game first. Are we almost done with the rules?"
Gamer: "Not really. Do you want me to teach it to you another time?"
Relative: "That's a great idea! I'm sorry, I'm just a little too tired for this right now. We'll learn how to play some other time, I promise."


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