Pandonga Creatives
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Pandonga Creatives

Established at 2018, we are a game technology and creative circle in Semarang, Java, Indonesia. Pandonga Creatives is the leveled-up version of Inlander Boardgame (initially a board game studio). We are the first digital and board game studio in Semarang with the proven achievements in the creative industry domain.

The word “Pandonga” literally means the wisher or the prayer. The one who wishes for something better in the future. We believe we can get the true positive impact of the games if we can use them wisely. Through games, we want to invite you to bring your creative idea to reality with the fun process.

Boardgame yang diterbitkan


Zombie Space  [2019]

Game Zombie Space bercerita tentang para zombie yang ketakutan karena diburu oleh manusia. Zombie-zombie tersebut melarikan diri ke luar angkasa dengan menyusup ke roket milik NAZA (Nation of Anti Zombie of America). Sayangnya, setelah lepas landas r...

Rp 150,000