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Carl Chudyk

List of Notable Games

2005 Glory to Rome (with Ed Carter)
2010 Innovation
2012 Uchronia
2013 Impulse
2014 Red7 (with Chris Cieslik)
2015 Mottainai
2016 Innovation Deluxe

Carl Chudyk

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Mottainai  [2015]

"Mottainai" (pronounced mot/tai/nai or like the English words mote-tie-nigh) means "Don't waste", or "Every little thing has a soul". In the game Mottainai, a successor in the Glory to Rome line, you use your cards for many purposes. Each player is a...

Uchronia  [2012]

In Uchronia, you are the patriarch of a great Uchronian noble house, competing with the other houses that commit their wealth to building the city, enriching it with new constructions, and striving to win over the people.

In game terms, play...

Glory to Rome  [2005]

In 64 A.D., a great fire originating from the slums of Rome quickly spreads to destroy much of the city, including the imperial palace. Upon hearing news of the fire, Emperor Nero Caesar races back to Rome from his private estate in Antium and sets u...