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Leo Colovini

Leo Colovini (born 1964 in Venice) is an Italian game designer.

Abridged List of Notable Games

1988 Inkognito
2000 Cartagena
2000 Carolus Magnus
2002 Clans
2003 The Bridges of Shangri-La
2003 Alexandros
2005 Go West!
2005 Carcassonne: The Discovery
2006 Masons
2006 Cartagena 2. The Pirate's Nest
2010 Atlantis
2012 Aztlán
2015 Think Str8!

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Partial source: Wikipedia, "Leo_Colovini", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

Sebagai designer di boardgame

Leo  [2016]

Leo the lion's mane is far too long and he risks looking shaggy and losing the respect of his fellow animals — but those same animals keep stopping him to chit-chat while on the way to a haircut. Can you get this king of the jungle to the barber sh...

Cartagena 2. The Pirate's Nest  [2006]

In the first Cartagena game, the players, as pirates, attempted to flee prison by making their way through a tunnel to a boat waiting for them at the end of the tunnel. But simply reaching the boat does not mean they have escaped as re-capture is alw...

Carcassonne: The Discovery  [2005]

The Discovery is a stand-alone Carcassonne game.

The inhabitants of Carcassonne have discovered a new region far away from their homeland - one that consists of meadows, mountains and seas. The followers, of which each player only has four (...