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Francis Tresham

Francis Tresham is a British game designer who has been producing board games since the early 1970s. He is probably best known for his 1980s-era designs, including Civilization and several contributions to the 18xx series, (including 1829, the first in the series).

Note: This is a different person than Francis Tresham (c.1567-1605) who was a member of the group of English provincial Catholics who planned the failed conspiracy to assassinate King James I of England.

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1830: Railways & Robber Barons  [1986]

1830 is one of the most famous 18xx games. One of the things some gamers like about this game is that the game has no 'chance' element. That is to say, if players wished to play two games with the same moves, the outcome would be the same also.

Civilization  [1980]

CIVILIZATION is a game of skill for 2 to 7 players. It covers the development of ancient civilizations from the invention of agriculture c. 8000 B.C. to the emergence of Rome around the middle of the third century B.C. Each player leads a nation of...