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Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro

Born in 1980 at Leiria - Portugal.
Editor of the site Spiel Portugal.
Co-organizer of the major board game Convention in Portugal - LeiriaCon.
Loves heavy euro games.
Designer, play tester, journalist, gamer, geek...

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Artificial Intelligence

Sebagai designer di boardgame

Nippon  [2015]

Japan during the Meiji period—a closed, isolated, and feudal country—decides to change into a modern westernized state. The Empire sends emissaries to foreign nations, brings technicians and scholars from the west, builds a network of railroads, ...

Panamax  [2014]

After one hundred years in service, the Panama Canal still is one of the most important and impressive engineering achievements in modern times.

Built in 1914, it held a prominent role in the deployment of military vessels during WWI and in ...

Madeira  [2013]

Madeira is an island officially discovered early in the 15th century by Portuguese seafarers. Madeira, the Portuguese word for wood, refers to the dense forest that covered its wild, fertile landscape. This, and its strategic position far into the At...