Kopi Dash

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1-5 Menit
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12+ Tahun
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Do you have what it takes to be a lightning-fast barista?
A super-fast card game where you alone or with other make drinks under 5 minutes! Play the right ingredient cards to fulfill the customer's orders. Pick your card wisely and avoid wasting time, you need to be FAST!

Set up the game by shuffling each customer and ingredients deck. The customer deck is set to face down and the ingredients deck divided into 2 face-up stacks. Give every player ingredients card according to the number of players involved, and set up a 5-minute timer. The timer starts after the first customer card is opened. Every player contributes to fulfilling the customer’s order by placing the right ingredients cards. refill ingredients card from the stacks every time the amount of card in hand decreased. If an order cannot be fulfilled, a player can discard their card in hand face down into the used ingredients pile and refill their hand from the ingredients stack, then start the order from the beginning. After the stacks of ingredients exhausted, take all the used ingredients card and do a 10-second shuffle then divide them by 2 stacks as usual. The game ends after either the players have completed all the orders which resulted in a win or the timer ends which the players lose.

-description from designer

Source: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/
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    Card Game
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    Pattern Recognition
    Speed Matching
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