Stockastic: Stock Trading Game

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Build your portfolio, start your own rumor and rise to be the wealthiest stock trader!

Stockastic is an educative boardgame about stock trading. The game aims to teach the player of basic understanding of the stock market. in this game, players will learn about how important information is in stock trading, what factors affect the price of the market and how to decide on what stock to buy for greater profits.

In Stockastic, you begin your stock trading journey with limited amount of fund. Buy and sell from the market or another player. Make sure you pay for invaluable information to maximize your profit and asses your risk.

At the start of every round, all players can bet certain amount of coins to determine who makes the first move. seize the advantage of being the first player by betting extra coins!

The price of a stock is ever-changing. Evaluate the action that benefits you the most to receive the best possible outcome!

Players are allowed to spend their fund to get various informations regarding the market. Use this information wisely to determine your actions.

You can also convince other players to buy your stocks or sell their stocks to you to gain mutual benefit. Sometimes, trading with other player might be a better option than trading in the market.

At the end of each turn, you will gain dividend based on the stocks you own. It does not matter how you play it, your goal is to be the richest stock trader in the game. Gather as much profit as possible before the game ends!

Event cards represent the events happening at the end of the semester. The card may affect either performance of a company or price of a stock, sometimes both.

Rumor cards are card that can be bought during the game and will be placed on a company board. During resolution phase, all the rumors will be revealed and could affect the price of stock.

For a more advanced gameplay, character cards are included in every set as a game mode variant. Playing as these characters will help you understand how different background of trader affect the behavior in stock trading. Every character comes with unique ability that can be used throughout the game.
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