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Jesper Ejsing

Jesper Ejsing (born June 22, 1973) is a game artist from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Runewars  [2010]

Runewars is an epic board game of conquest, adventure, and fantasy empires for two to four players. Runewars pits players against each other in a strategic game of battles and area control, where they must gather resources, raise armies, and lay sieg...

Citadels: The Dark City  [2004]

An expansion for the German edition of the game. It included all the elements featured in the US and the 2nd French edition (new characters and districts), and some more stuff.

The Quarry allows you to build districts identical with district...

Citadels  [2000]

In Citadels, players take on new roles each round to represent characters they hire in order to help them acquire gold and erect buildings. The game ends at the close of a round in which a player erects his/her eighth building. Players then tally the...